Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pig Skin Lining Issue

Pig Skin Lining

Major dilemmas have been brought up in the recent online shopping …

we have checked with factory why 3 dots still appears on the shoes ? Why ?
They told us that those are manmade leather. They are trying to make these artificial pig skins look more ‘genuine’. Simply because genuine pig skin leather raw material is very expensive… The genuine pig skin shoe would have cost over RM 200++ !!
Also, the way of arranging during production affected the outlook of shoes. Using PVC and Plastic material during production will create the 3dots looks as well…

The conclusion is we can boldly say that according to the information given by our factory --- Our shoes are NOT made of pig skin.

However, we understand that some of our Muslim’s customers still worry those are made of pig skin.

we really are not the scholar of pig skin lining. We cannot check on science lab whether it’s pig skin lining or not… We are selling according to the information given by factory.

Therefore, to be fair to Muslim’s customers, we feel it’s better that if you are sensitive on the Pig Skin Lining issue, with NO OFFEND, please DO NOT place order with us.

Of course we too would like to have more sales, but to create misunderstanding and to be crown with A NON-HONEST online boutique, I think this will be the best way :D

Quoted from JAKIM
Hasil dari pemeriksaan JAKIM didapati didalam industri pembuatan kasut, bag, tali pinggang dll, selain pengunaan kulit, bahan PVC, plastik dan kain adalah antara bahan-bahan yang sering digunakan. Diantara bahan-bahan ini sering terdapat kekeliruan diantara bahan PVC, plastik dan kulit babi kerana ketiga-tiga bahan ini apabila dipandang secara mata kasar akan kelihatan tiga bintik pada permukaannya. Sebagai maklumat bersama, triple dot yang terdapat pada PVC dan plastik adalah dihasilkan oleh mesin, keadaannya tersusun dengan baik dan titiknya terhasil secara menegak iaitu hasilan secara titikan jarum, menegak dan tepat manakala triple dot yang terdapat pada kulit babi, keadaanya tidak tersusun, berselerak, permukaan lubangnya menyendeng tidak menegak seperti yang terdapat pada PVC,keadaan menyendeng ini seolah-olah lubang jarum yang dicucuk secara menyenget. Diharapkan dengan penjelasan ini, para pengguna tidak terus panik hanya apabila terlihat triple dot pada mana-mana permukaan kasut, beg, wallet dsb, semak dahulu apakah bahan itu adalah kulit babi yang sebenar berdasarkan bentuk triple dot yang kelihatan.
triple dot made from the machine itself 

Also, to further confirm on the material of the leather, you may burn a little piece of the material. If you burn the genuine leather (of pig skin lining), the burning smells like the burning of our hair. The ash left behind is fragile crumb. But if you burn the leatherette (PVC or synthetic), you will see the leatherette shrink quickly and it smells like the burning of ordinary plastic

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